Willoughby Farm's Sustainability Projects

Willoughby Farms Water Reclaimation Fountain

  The Willoughby Farms rainwater reclaimation fountain project was completed in June of 2014.   This rain exchange system is used to capture rainwater, filter it, and make it able for reuse around the Farm.  The 3000 gallon tank houses a mechanical filteration system which serves to make the water collected safe for use in the gardens and for livestock.
  The benefits of this system include a reduction in stormwater flow that contributes to degredation of area streams; and reclaimation of greywater on-site for use.  This also helps to reduce dependence on off-site water resevoirs. 
  The system collects approximately 5,000 gallons per month and helps to educate classes about how to address future stormwater environmental concerns; Along with providing solutions that residents, businesses, and construction companies can integrate.  To learn more be sure to visit Willoughby Farm, in Collinsville.
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These are just a few of the projects at Willoughby Heritage Farm.

Willoughby Farms Solar Array

Funded by Grants from Madison Co. Planning and Development, the IL Clean Energy Foundation, and the IL Rebate Program.

  Built in 2010, the solar array at Willoughby Farm is one of the first sustainability projects implemented by CARD. The array can be found near the back of the farm yard next to the goat pens.  It features a raised platform that contains 14 solar panels that are capabile of generating 300 to 600 kilowatts of electricty per month.   This array  provides an approximate energy savings of $700 per year and produces enough energy yearly to power a 60-watt lightbulb for over 35 years.

To view the array's statistics click here.
Willoughby Farm Solar Panel Array
Willoughby Farm Water Reclaimation Fountain
Willoughby Farm Water Reclaimation Fountain
Willoughby Farm Solar Panel Array
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