Jaycee Sports Complex

Interested in learning more or looking to rent a pavilion?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
Interested in renting a pavilion or field?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
Resident discounts are available for some facilities.  Are you a resident of The Collinsville Area Recreation District?  Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.
Resident of the CARD District? Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.

  The Collinsville Jaycee Sports Complex is home to 12 ball fields (six have lights for evening games). The 17 acre park also holds a football field, and one lit soccer field and areas for 4 practice fields.  The complex also features batting cages to practice pitching and hitting, a concession stand to purchase drinks and snacks, and restrooms.
Fields may typically reserved as early as 8 AM, with game play ending no later than 10 PM.
  Field reservation rates do not include field preparation (dragging, lining, base set-up) and field preparation is generally the responsibility of the field user/applicant. However, if a field users/applicants are unable to provide their own field preparation, and would like to request such services, and such services can be accommodated by CARD staff, additional costs will be applied.  For more information about renting an atheltic field please click the Athletic Field Rental button below.

  Please review this important notice from the City of Collinsville regarding Jaycee Sports Park.
Jaycee Sports Complex Jaycee Sports Complex
Ballfield Jaycee Sports Complex
Located at 198 Complex Drive in Collinsville, IL
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