Glidden Park

Interested in learning more or looking to rent a pavilion?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
Interested in renting a pavilion?  Call (618)346-7529 or email us
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Resident of the CARD District? Check the FAQ Webpage for details on getting a Benefit ID.
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Rent The Junior Service Pavilion

  Junior Service Pavilion includes 12 eight-foot tables with seating for 96. It is near a playground and restroom facilities. Located at Glidden Park, 398 Branch St. in Collinsville
Facility: Jr Service Pavilion
Rental Fee: Res: $65 per day
Non Res:
$75 per day
Location: Glidden Park
Amenities Seats 96
Nearby restrooms
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Sitting on 30 acres, Glidden includes tennis courts, soccer field, and basketball court.  Glidden Park's most unique feature is a dirt race track for remote controlled cars and trucks.  For walkers and runners there is a 4/10 mile track. Playground equipment and restrooms are also available.

The Glidden Park Sled Hill provides winter fun for the whole family. The hill is open for sledding when the ground is frozen and there is more than two inches of snow. Families are welcome to bring their own plastic sled or inner tube, but wooden sleds and those with metal runners are not permitted.
The hill is located across the road from the Junior Service pavilion and the in-line hockey rink.

Sled participants assume the full risk and responsibility in determining that conditions are safe for sledding. Parents are responsible for supervising their children. Avoid other sledders and objects. Move quickly out of the path of other sledders and climb uphill along the side of the slope. No more than two persons per sled.

Please review this important notice from the City of Collinsville regarding Glidden Park.
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